Mexican Car Rental Tips

If you’re visiting Mexico, renting a car may be an attractive option. For example, it’s much easier and cheaper to get around the country if you have access to a car. But the process can be tricky for first-time visitors unfamiliar with Mexico’s roads and rules of the road. Here are some tips for making sure your rental experience goes smoothly:

Make sure you have the right type of car.

When renting a car in Mexico, you need to make sure that the vehicle is right for your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The size of the vehicle. Is it big enough for everyone? Will there be enough room in the trunk space if you’re traveling with luggage or groceries?
  • Transmission type. Manual or automatic? If it’s an older car with manual transmission, does it have high mileage and need servicing often? That could add up quickly! And don’t forget about gas prices–you’ll want an automatic if possible because they use less fuel than manuals do!
  • Engine type (e.g., V6 vs 4-cylinder). This can affect how fast your rental car goes on highways and off-road trails alike; you’ll also want to know whether or not there are any restrictions on driving at night due to noise levels produced by certain engines/transmissions before renting one!

Will you need to pay extra for insurance?

It’s not optional, but it’s not required by law either. If you choose not to get insurance, your credit card may be able to cover any damage you cause in an accident (though this varies by card). If there is no other option available and your credit card doesn’t cover damages caused by car rental companies, then yes: renters have been known to drive off without paying their bills at all!

You can choose between third party or full coverage insurance options. The latter usually costs more than the former because it protects both parties involved in an accident from liability claims made against them by others involved in said accidents–but remember that these policies are still optional!

Do your research before renting.

Before you rent a car in Mexico, it’s important to do your research. This will help you avoid getting scammed by unscrupulous companies.

The first thing to check is the car rental company’s reputation online. Google it and see what comes up–especially reviews from other travelers who have rented cars through them before! If there are complaints about the company or its employees, then this should be a red flag for you not to use them as well (or at all).

Don’t forget about tolls and gas costs.

Tolls are another cost you should be aware of. They’re charged per mile, and if your rental car doesn’t have a toll pass, then you’ll need to pay cash at the toll booths. Tolls are usually higher at night and on weekends, so keep this in mind when planning your itinerary.

Gasoline is expensive in Mexico–more so than in the United States or Canada–so fill up before crossing into Mexico or take advantage of the free gas offered by many rental companies (just make sure it’s included in your rate).

Rentals can save you money if done correctly.

Renting a car in Mexico can be tricky but it also can save you money if done correctly. The main reason is that the cost of renting a car in Mexico is much higher than renting one in the United States or Canada. Another reason is because there are so many toll roads and fees associated with driving on them, which are not present in other countries like Canada or America where they don’t have toll roads at all!

Another reason why people might want to rent a car while visiting Mexico City or Cancun would be because they plan on going somewhere far away from where their hotel/resort is located (for example: going deep into Tulum). In this case then yes definitely consider renting one since transportation options aren’t always reliable and sometimes involve waiting around for hours before someone picks up passengers from hotels/resorts nearby.”

While renting a car in Mexico is not always easy, it can be done. You just need to know what type of car you need and where you’re going. Make sure that you do your research before renting a vehicle so that nothing catches you by surprise!

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